Your health is your personal business

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  • Doctors, specialists in their fields, whom you can choose freely

    The doctors working in Private Hospitals are trained specialists with the Swiss Specialist Title of FMH or an equivalent certificate. Every Private Hospital is pleased to provide information on specialists accredited to it.

    Comprehensive care by the doctor you choose

    The doctor chosen by the patient is not only always there for him during his stay in the hospital. When necessary he can also quickly bring in all specialists and experts needed. Of course, on checkout he prepares a comprehensive report for the doctors who will provide further treatement for the patient in his own country.

    First class medical services offered

    Private Hospitals are medically and technically up to state-of-the-art standards. Through cooperation among Private Hospitals, as well as with public hospitals, the full range of the latest medical and technical facilities is available for each individual case. Private Hospitals in Switzerland also cover specialized fields such as heart surgery, neuro-surgery and tumor treatement.

    Excellent accomodation and personal atmosphere

    Private Hospitals are proud of their comfortable rooms for their patients hospitals. Of course, they also guarantee first class catering adapted to the condition and desires of the patient. In many Private Hospitals, family members can spend the night in the patient's room. With their more manageable size, private hospitals do everything to give the patient a feeling of security and to take account of his accustomed lifestyle.

    Individual patient care

    Private Hospitals place particular value in individual patient care by competent staff.

    Patients are given competent and coprehensive care appropriate to their situation.

    The nursing staff generally speak several languages.